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CombHeliX® FSHD Probes (10 hybridizations)


The FSHD Genomic Morse Code set allows the analysis of the haplotype and precise repeat unit counts of all four 4q and 10q D4Z4 repeat arrays on DNA stretched molecules.


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The “CombHeliX® FSHD probes” are designed for the diagnosis of FSHD1 as it enables the characterization of the 3.3kb-D4Z4 repeat-containing loci on chromosomes 4 and 10 by fluorescent hybridization on combed DNA. Complex rearrangements and mosaicism variants that are not accounted with the most current technologies are clearly identified with the “CombHeliX® FSHD probes”. This test is developed to fully match the requirements of healthcare professionals working with FSHD cases.

In addition to the “CombHeliX® FSHD probes”, the diagnostic of FSHD requires the mandatory use of the CE-IVD “CombHeliX® FSHD Software” for the detection of the hybridized “CombHeliX® FSHD probes”, the analysis and the interpretation of the results.

Using a combination of probes, Genomic Vision has developed specific Genomic Morse Codes that enable to identify and characterize each of the four alleles required to make a reliable FSHD1 diagnosis.

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