The FiberVision® is an automated fluorescence microscope, incorporating the lates generation optics, light source and an automated sample storage and loading module. It acquires high resolution multi-color images of the whole surface of the coverslip with a hands-off workflow in only one hour.

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Fast image acquisition 

  •          1 hour scan per slide
  •          Up to 8000 samples per year

Automated process 

  •          Automatic recognition and traceability of samples with a built-in barcode
  •          Permanent storage loading - up to 160 slides

High perfomance imaging 

  •          Epi-Fluorescence imaging with sCMOS camera
  •          Up to 3 objectives with motorized switching (10x,20x,40x)
  •          High power LED up to 6 channels, from 380 to 650 nm
  •          High resolution (0.16 µm /pixel)

Software detection 

  •          Custom developed software solutions for image analysis
  •          Automatic signal detection and measurements

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All of our products undergo strict quality control to ensure reproducible experiments and comply with the highest regulatory requirements


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