FiberComb® (Molecular Combing System)


The FiberComb® system stretches single DNA molecules onto specially-treated glass surfaces, a procedure called Molecular Combing. Stretching is achieved by the receding air-liquid meniscus which results in extension and parallel alignment of DNA molecules. Each glass coverslip contains over a thousand Gb of combed DNA, ready for hybridization or direct visualization and analysis.


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Before the combing procedure, long DNA is extracted and purified from fresh blood samples or cultured cells.

The DNA solution is placed into the reservoir of the Molecular Combing System. Two 22 mm2 CombiCoverslips (glass carriers specifically treated with vinyl silane) are clipped to the system.

The Combi Coverslips are automatically dipped into the reservoir and incubated for 5 minutes. This step allows the DNA to attach to the glass surface at one or both of its extremities.

The CombiCoverslips are removed from the solution at a constant speed (300 μm/s), thereby stretching the DNA in a controlled and consistent manner;

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