FiberPrep® Cooler Box (DNA Extraction Kit) - 100 Extractions View larger

FiberPrep® Cooler Box (DNA Extraction Kit) - 100 Extractions


The FiberPrep® Cooler Box kit delivers high quality DNA solutions for the combing procedure from fresh blood samples or cultured cells.

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The protocol is used to purify and store genomic DNA molecules protected from mechanical stress. After embedding cells in an agarose plug, proteins are digested by a proteinase and cell membranes solubilized by a surfactant, under inhibition of DNase activity. The treated DNA plugs are then available for preparation of a high molecular weight DNA solution.

The kit do not includes the agarase enzyme and PBS trypsine.

  •   Results in solutions of very high molecular weight DNA (100 kbp to 2-3 Mbp)
  •   Designed for pelleted cells from cell cultures or WBC primary samples
  •   The extraction protocol can be adapted for various organisms (yeast, plants…)

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