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FiberComb® Starter Kit


The FiberComb® system stretches single DNA molecules onto specially-treated glass surfaces, a procedure called Molecular Combing. Stretching is achieved by the receding air-liquid meniscus which results in extension and parallel alignment of DNA molecules. 

The Starter Kit includes the machine and consumables for 10 reactions.

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10 450€

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Start to discover the technique now and get the FiberComb® Molecular Combing System for your lab 

Included in the pack:

  •          The FiberComb® system
  •          The FiberPrep® DNA extraction kit for high-molecular weight DNA preparation (10 extractions)
  •          1 box of 10 coverslips
  •          1 pack of 10 reservoirs
  •          60 minutes online training
  •          EasyScan imaging service trial for 1 coverslip

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